Wisdom is a very lofty, grand and too mysterious a concept. It is not something one can strive to be, like to be honest or well-mannered. Wisdom is something you develop along the way after tons of life lessons. To be wise is far from being intelligent, to be wise is not about possessing a single quality or attribute.
To be wise is being aware, to accept one’s idiocies, flaws, ugliness, limitations and drawbacks, to be wise is to introspect and be non-judgemental. Wisdom is a host of things.
At BrainLoop, we give our students a platform to discover themselves and help create an awareness of who they want to be. In these classes, the students are taken on a journey of self-discovery. They are encouraged to develop the ability to navigate life, find meaning and learn from every experience.

Wisdom topics

“We are now gods
but for the wisdom”
Eric Weinstein

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