At BrainLoop, we concentrate not just on academics but the overall development of our students. The X and XII standards are crucial years for the students. As a result, all the pressure could become stressful to cope with for some students.
Stress can adversely affect the student’s health. It could take a toll on one’s sleep patterns, diet, and exercise. It can even affect performance in tests, participation in classes, and their overall well-being.

BrainLoop offers a counselling facility to students if they feel they need help managing the stress and pressure of the Boards and life in general. Students can approach the in-house counsellor to seek help.

Our in-house counsellors are experienced in the following areas:

  • Changing behaviours exhibited by students

  • Developing coping mechanisms

  • Stress management 

  • Overall cognitive behavioural development

Our faculty, along with trained professionals are always available to assist you in bringing a positive outlook to your life. We aim to help you re-engineer and rejuvenate your mind, behaviour, and character. We focus mainly on enhancing your strengths and reducing your anxieties.

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