DID is a platform to track students regarding their academic performance, health & psychology.


We approach learning in a holistic manner to promote learning with intent.


We strongly believe that cognition & health are interconnected.


We aims to go beyond academics to uncover the true potential of our students.


Dashboard is an overview of all the different facets of our students’ time at BL. The goal of learning style is to take into account a student’s preferences for how he or she absorbs and retains skills regardless of the process. Subject progression shows how far a student has come in a subject after accounting the average marks scored in weekly assessments at BrainLoop. The MBT Indicator is a self-report questionnaire designed to determine a person’s personality type, strengths, and preferences./span>


The learning tab includes Subject Progression, Subject Ability, and Performance at BrainLoop as well as at school. Subject ability is an illustration of a student’s innate aptitude in the pertinent subject. Our weekly tests are used to evaluate students, and the results are graphically represented on this tab under the title performance at BrainLoop. Performance at school gives parents a visual representation of the improvement they have attained at school.


Learning a new skill is an excellent way to strengthen one’s brain memory capacity, in other words, learning organizes and reorganizes the brain. There are various tests available, but the ones that most significantly aid in improving learning processes are those that measure intelligence, personality, reading speed, and emotional quotient. We at BrainLoop, believe that there is a reciprocal association between academic success and mental wellness.
We at BrainLoop, believe that academic success and mental wellness go hand in hand to achieve greater heights.


A comprehensive health profile is provided by the smartest health monitor, which measures 24 body composition metrics including weight, metabolic age, body fat, bone mass, BMR, BMI, protein, Fat Free Weight, and Health Score. These health indicators are tracked term by term to recognise students’ steady physical development. We at BrainLoop, firmly believe that physical health shouldn’t be a hindrance to learning.

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