There has been a significant advancement in the education sector in recent years. Apart from the standard of education improving dramatically, the innovations that have come about are remarkable.
Schools and other educational institutions have become technologically sophisticated. Classrooms have become ‘Smart’ and ‘Intelligent’. These days interactive intelligent boards, projectors, and smart notebooks are some of the most commonly used teaching aids. We cannot deny that evolution in technology has made the educational system more interactive, friendly, and convenient. The presence of smart boards enables teachers to deliver more effective lectures by utilizing various interactive tools in their presentations to explain the topic.
Smart technology assists teachers in transforming boring lectures into engaging sessions.
By making use of smart classroom technology and interactive whiteboards, information can be illustrated with photos, maps, graphs, flowcharts, and animated videos. This makes learning more appealing, interesting, and simple.
It fosters students’ ability to learn and memorize a topic for an extended period. It is a universal truth that visuals help us understand and retain information better.

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